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Teething Oil

Teething Oil

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We are very proud to release our 100% natural teething oil.

The idea behind the product is that teething comes with a lot of discomfort for your little one and while there are numerous products on the market they seem to pose two problems. The first being that teething gels do not treat the symptoms associated with teething, rather they try to mask the pain. Second, during the teething process your babies mouth and gums are extremely sensitive which means that quite often mom or dad wanting to poke around is not met with a welcomed response.

This is where the Gnash Kids Teething Oil comes in. Intended STRICTLY for external use only, our teething oil is a carefully formulated solution of essential oils that when applied along your babies jaw line helps to relieve the uncomfortable effects associated with teething.

So what's in it you may ask? In a nutshell we have included Lavender, Peppermint , Vitamin E and Camomile essential oils, which have anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and calming properties.

How to use it? Roll on, gently massage the oil along your little ones jaw line and around their ears. This is especially effective just before bed time.

Our Teething Oil is sold in 10ml bottles and is suitable from 3 months.

Always do a test patch on your babies skin before introducing any new products to your babies skin.

Essential Oils can be toxic if ingested, keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool dry place.